Disease Focus

Bacteria platesAt Seattle BioMed, we’ve chosen an audacious goal: to conduct targeted research leading to new solutions — diagnostics, drugs and vaccines — for global infectious diseases.

Why Infectious Disease?

Each year, more than 14 million people perish from malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, as well as other emerging and neglected diseases.

Together, these diseases are the leading cause of death globally. The resulting devastation encompasses many factors: children who are left parentless due to the scourge of HIV/AIDS and adults who cannot be productive members of society due to malaria, to name a few. Estimates show that by 2020, the cumulative deaths from infectious diseases will be well over 100 million if these diseases remain unchecked.

But there is hope. Seattle BioMed scientists are working every day to find solutions to the world’s most devastating diseases.

Areas of Research


  • Targeting early stage malaria, severe malaria in children and pregnancy malaria
  • Genetically attenuated whole organism parasite (GAP) vaccine is in human clinical trials
  • Home of the Malaria Clinical Trials Center

Viral Diseases

  • Developing innovative new approaches to creating HIV/AIDS vaccines
  • Discovered why some individuals living with HIV never progress to AIDS, thus providing new knowlege that will advance research toward an effective HIV/AIDS vaccine
  • Demonstrated that anti-CD4-binding site antibodies are key participants for broadly reactive neutralization, thus providing important new directions for potential vaccine design


  • Eliminating the biological barriers to TB drug and vaccine discovery
  • Studying TB from the host/pathogen perspective with a focus on immunology

Emerging and Neglected Diseases

  • Completed and published the genome sequences for T. cruzi, L. major and T. brucei, followed by a comparative analysis of these three parasites, as part of an international collaborative effort