High School Students


Building and Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

Designed to engage students in science through experience rather than demonstration, Seattle BioMed's BioQuest science education program offers hands-on learning opportunities that allow:

  • high school students to acquire interests and skills that can lead to careers in scientific research and global health advocacy.
  • high school teachers to expand their professional development toolkit with global health-themed content and curriculum.
  • the community to understand the critical importance of fostering the next generation of scientists and global health leaders.

Through BioQuest, Seattle BioMed forges links between schools, public health officials, scientists and the community at large. This award-winning program raises enthusiasm and excitement for teens to discover their abilities to advocate for new solutions to lift the global burden of disease. 

Educate by Example

Teens who participate in BioQuest have access to Seattle BioMed's world-class research scientists and lab technologies. Researchers volunteer to share their knowledge and passion for science while introducing high school classes to the crucial role of research in improving global health. Students remain connected to the Seattle BioMed community long after their BioQuest experience; scientists will often mentor teens as they search for and apply to college, help them discover potential career pathways, and stay in touch through social media.

Educate with Engagement

BioQuest offers several educational opportunities: Site visits, teacher workshops, student internships and BioQuest Academy -- the intensive summer science program for high school juniors. We invite students to learn about infectious disease research and global health through class field trips, our summer BioQuest Academy program for rising seniors, and our lab internships for 18-year-olds. See the various programs BioQuest offers.

BioQuestEducate in a Real World Environment

The Seattle Biomedical Research Institute Building has a dedicated space for its BioQuest science education program on the first floor. BioQuest curriculum links teens, teachers and the general public directly to the infectious disease research conducted on the second, fourth and fifth floors of our building. In fact, BioQuest is one of the only science education outreach programs that operates within the footprint of an infectious disease research facility. While participating in a BioQuest experience, every teen has an opportunity to walk through a real research lab, meet world-renowned scientists, and envision themselves as a future member of this important community.

The BioQuest Learning Lab -- the dedicated space for BioQuest programming -- is an authentic, working lab that can accommodate a full class of 32 students. The lab is equipped with microscopes, centrifuges, hoods, and many of the lab technologies and non-infectious agents that Seattle BioMed's researchers utilize every day.

For more information on the BioQuest program, please visit the BioQuest website.