Malaria Clinical Trials Center

Welcome to the MCTC

Seattle BioMed is pleased to be home to the Malaria Clinical Trials Center (MCTC), one of only four centers in the world that can safely and effectively test new malaria treatments and vaccines in humans by the malaria human challenge model. Our goal is to find effective ways to combat this deadly disease and relieve the burden of malaria for millions around the world.

In partnership with the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), Seattle BioMed has established the MCTC as an innovative center for the integration of basic science and clinical research uniquely focused on bringing new malaria solutions to the world. (Read the related press release.) After many months of careful preparation, the MCTC opened its doors for clinical research in February, 2010.

Why was Seattle BioMed selected to house this center? Because of our expertise in malaria. With nearly 100 scientists focused solely on malaria, Seattle BioMed is home to one of the largest malaria research programs in the United States. Study of this complex parasite has led Seattle BioMed researchers to fundamental discoveries of the genetic framework and molecular biology of Plasmodium falciparum, the malaria parasite responsible for the majority of deaths due to the disease. Read more about our malaria program.

Now is an exciting time at Seattle BioMed, with our clinical research program underway to transition our scientific discoveries from "bench to bedside". Jim Kublin, M.D. is heading up our dynamic team of clinical research staff dedicated to Seattle BioMed’s mission to eliminate the world's most devastating infectious diseases.

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