Photographers with Heart

Seattle BioMed scientists, staff and supporters responded overwhelmingly to our request to share their photos from countries abroad and of the cellular world beneath a scope. The captivating images you see throughout our website and along the halls of our building are courtesy of Seattle BioMed friends who, through photography, help to visualize our mission to improve global health.

Special thanks to those who provided images featured throughout this website:

  • Nathalie Ascestor
  • Addie Baker
  • Richard Barbieri
  • Theresa Britscghi
  • Crispe Lab
  • Bruce Easter
  • Cynthia Hartwig
  • Alex Herbig
  • Kappe Lab
  • Zane Kraft
  • Severine Monnerat
  • Parsons Lab
  • Dhileep Sivam
  • MaryMargaret Welch
  • Marc Weinberg
  • Will Winslow