Postdoctoral Program

The postdoctoral training program at Seattle BioMed has been in place for more than 25 years. In fact, one of our principal investigators, leading his own lab and renowned in his fields of expertise, started at the Institute as a postdoctoral scientist before rising through the ranks.

Scientists who have recently received their doctoral degrees can get further training in specific research areas at Seattle BioMed. Because of the international focus of our work, many postdoctoral students from other countries train here. The training is usually over a two to five year period and is designed to develop a broad range of research skills under the guidance of experienced professionals. These skills include those necessary to become independent investigators - writing papers, making presentations to peers and developing a scientific program. At the end of this program, these trainees are the scientists of the future, ready to work in academia, research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, government agencies and the medical profession. The postdoctoral scientists have organized a PhD/MD Association, supported by the Institute, which initiates programs for scientific exchange and further professional development in areas such as networking, oral presentations, and career options.

Learn more about our postdoctoral program and view available positions on our careers page.