Seattle BioMed is continuously pioneering new advances in infectious disease research. Read more about our research progress in the news.

Select Accomplishments

  • The study of complex malaria parasites has led Seattle BioMed researchers to fundamental discoveries of these parasites' genetic framework and molecular biology. Our researchers are focused on developing new vaccines and drugs for early stage malaria, severe malaria in children and pregnancy malaria. In fact, our genetically attenuated whole organism parasite (GAP) vaccine is undergoing human clinical trials.
  • Seattle BioMed houses a Malaria Clinical Trials Center — one of only four facilities of its kind worldwide — to safely and effectively test new malaria treatments in humans.
  • The Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID) marked a milestone in the fight against infectious disease by solving 500 three-dimensional protein structures from a number of bacterial and protozoan pathogens. This could potentially lead to new drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases.
  • Our Emerging and Neglected Disease Program completed and published the genome sequences for T. cruzi, L. major and T. brucei, followed by a comparative analysis of these three parasites, as part of an international collaborative effort.
  • We've developed novel approaches to design vaccine candidates capable of eliciting effective neutralizing antibodies against HIV.
  • And, we've developed and commercially licensed pre-rRNA-based molecular viability tests for pathogens in clinical and environmental samples.